Why Some Women Can Have Any Man They Want! Here’s Their Secret

Why is it that some women seem to have a magical power over men? You know the type of woman I’m talking about. She’s average, at best, and she’s not someone you’d expect would be the center of so many men’s desire. But she is. With seemingly little effort she’s able to have man after man chase after her. You wish you knew her secret, don’t you? If you’re like most women you struggle to even get the one man you want to want you back. It’s a never ending pursuit and you’re simply tired of having to try so hard while these other women do little and have more than their fair share of men. Would you be surprised to learn that you could easily have what those other women have? You can and it’s surprising simple.

The key to having any man you desire is to understand men as a whole. Obviously every man in the world is somewhat unique and brings his own special talents to the table, but at their core all men want the very same things from the woman they’re involved with. They want to be understood, first and foremost. That sounds easy enough and you may already feel that you have a finger on your man’s internal, emotional pulse, but do you really? Men aren’t as complicated as we make them out to be.  In fact, virtually any woman can have the man she wants once she understands his emotional needs.

All men strive for a calm and centered relationship that will help them feel balance and fulfilled. That sounds very similar to what we, as women, want, doesn’t it? The problem is that men aren’t as expressive or vocal about it. They tend to keep their needs to themselves and that leaves us failing trying to figure out what step to take next. It’s the main reason we make so many illogical missteps as we are working towards a committed and devoted connection. We think we know what he needs, so we give it to him only to discover it makes him uncomfortable or feeling trapped.

Men want a partner who is drama free. As much as you get upset by his refusal to commit to something more serious, don’t run that complaint around the block too many times. If a woman continually brings drama into the dynamic with her man, he’s going to emotionally check out of the relationship before long. He wants to know that when he sees you, you’ll be happy and thrilled to be spending time with him. He doesn’t want to continually be confronted with someone who is on edge and looking for a conflict. Unless it’s a major issue that needs to be resolved right this minute, let it go.

Men want to be themselves. When we find a man who makes our heart beat faster we instinctively start thinking about the future. It’s expected after all. Good men aren’t coming our way every day of the week, are they? They are few and far between. It’s natural to want him to be the best he can possibly be but if that means trying to change him, he’s probably not going to want much to do with you for very long. Men have flaws, just as we do and they want to be with someone who embraces those flaws. Take him as he is and start viewing his flaws as appealing character traits.

Men want an authentic woman. Trying to fit into the ideal of what you believe your man wants isn’t going to get you much but a broken relationship. All women strive to put their best foot forward as they begin a new relationship but in some cases, they try very hard to fit into someone else’s shoes. You have to be who you are and you have to show your man that you’re more than happy with that. No one is perfect and a man in love will find those imperfections utterly appealing. Don’t ever change who you are to fit into who you think he wants you to be. He doesn’t want that. He just wants someone who loves herself and loves him.

By accepting your guy for who he is, not bringing along too much drama when you see him and loving who you are, you’ll be setting yourself up to appeal to him in the most direct and powerful ways. Men may seem terribly confusing on the surface, but deep down within their masculine hearts they just want a woman to love them, cherish them and adore them. Be that for your guy and he’ll see you as irreplaceable.

Most of us have struggled within our relationships and have made some crucial mistakes. It’s understandable given the fact that we don’t always truly understand what our man needs or wants from us. There is actually a way to understand your man to his emotional core – to know what he’s thinking and feeling and to do all that without him having to say a word to you. Watch this free video to learn more about your man.

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