Making Him Love Me – My Personal Story

Men aren’t nearly as complicated emotionally as we are. They respond in a very different way than we do. For many of us it’s all about the romance and striving towards our one relationship goal which is commitment. Men get to that end result in a very different way than we do and we don’t always recognize that. It’s hard to given the fact that we immediately assume that what we would find emotionally irresistible in a partner is the same thing a man would find irresistible. It’s not.

Men respond to succinct messages and signals. If you’re going to take him on a convoluted path down a winding road towards getting him to fall in love with you, it’s probably not going to work. He wants to see a direct journey in front of him. He doesn’t want to have to deal with the pitfalls of game playing or you trying to manipulate him into making him want you and only you.

I’ve found, throughout my relationship, that the key to truly getting the man I wanted to love me was understanding what he needed from the connection. It wasn’t all about me being in shape (I wasn’t then and I’m not now), it had little to do with me being drop dead beautiful (that has yet to happen, but there’s always hope) or how hard to get I could play on any given day.

It was so much more about appealing to his heart. I needed to fulfill his personal emotional needs and once I could do that, he fell head over heels for me.

We’re not born with an innate ability to understand men. If we were, we’d get through our teenage years without suffering through one broken heart after another. We learn as we mature and as we experience.

I’ve found the man of my dreams and he’s my husband. We have a very happy,mutually committed and enriching relationship with each other. It’s not without its ups and downs, but we’re connected on the deepest emotional level and we both know, genuinely and unwaveringly know, that we’ll always be each others’ better half.

Read on to discover how I got to the place I am know and what I learned about men along the way. I’m proof that you can have the love you’ve always dreamed of and that it’s really not as hard as you may think it is to achieve.

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