Making a Man Love You – It’s Easier Than You Think

I’ve yet to meet or talk with a woman who didn’t feel somewhat confused in her relationship. It’s the one thing we all can agree on it seems – men are puzzling. We accept that, we have to, but at the end of the day when you’re seeking a committed, loving and mutually satisfying relationship you want the man in that equation to be someone you “get.” If he does or says things that throw you into a tailspin, that’s a problem. You know the feeling all too well. Just when you think you’ve captured his heart, he goes and does something out of left field that makes you question whether he even likes you or not. I’ve been there. We all have. But you don’t have to continue to be stuck in an emotional place where you’re constantly questioning, what he wants, whether he loves you or if he’s about ready to walk out the door.

There is a way to find out the real truth about how he feels about you.

What Your Man Wants From You

We all think we know what our man wants. We think that because we go on the assumption that our man wants the very same things as we do from the relationship. That’s generally our first mistake when it comes to love.

You believe that he wants you to call him several times throughout the day because you’d be tickled pink if he did that for you, right? You love making him dinner because you’d be beside yourself if you came home even once to find dinner prepared just for you. The sad fact is that your man doesn’t want the same things from the relationship as you do.

There is no possible way you can really gain insight into your man by talking about him with your girlfriends. We’ve all been guilty of this. We share some of the intimate emotional details of our relationship with a friend. Inevitably she’ll say that her guy behaves the same way and we’ll take her safe advice to heart. The part that she leaves out is that her advice did nothing for her own relationship and it’s likely going to do little for yours.

If you want to understand your man’s mind, who should you go to for advice? A man! That’s why a male friend can be so invaluable, even a brother or a cousin. Men just think differently than we do and you need a male voice of reason to tell you exactly what’s going on.

You can see exactly what I mean by watching this informative video all about what men think and feel about the women they love.

How to Make a Man Yours Forever

Once you’ve captured the heart of the man of your dreams, what’s next? If you’re like me and most women on this earth, you rest on your laurels a bit. In other words, you take so much comfort and security in the fact that he loves you that you stop putting in any effort. The relationship will coast along wonderfully for a time until you hit a bump in the road. It’s then that the relationship make it or break it times is upon you.

If you want to make a man yours forever, you have to continually stay emotionally connected to him. You have to follow the emotional ebb and flow that he sets and learn how to adjust yourself accordingly.

We often get set in our ways when it comes to love and we expect our man to cater to what we need but any relationship is filled with give and take and just as you want him to give you his love you have to take responsibility for your part and your actions.

Men secretly want many things from the woman they’re with. They want a safe spot in the oceans of life that they can count on. Every man is going to face challenges in life and if he has a woman in his corner who is always cheering him on, he feels like a winner. Men also want to be emotionally raw and open. I know this may seem foreign given how your man acts with you sometimes, but even when a man is closing a woman off after an argument there’s some pretty heavy emotions at play.

He also wants you to be secure in the relationship. He wants you to feel that he loves you even if he’s not constantly telling you. This is the reason why men get so annoyed when we show some jealousy about other women. He expects you to know that he’s not interested in her and when you act as though you don’t trust him, it speaks to your own self esteem and that’s an area a man has trouble treading into.

Most of all your man wants you to innately understand him. He wants you to know when he needs a hug or he just needs you to sit quietly and supportive in the distance. Obviously it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what he needs but with the right guidance and insight you can learn to anticipate everything he feels and that will ensure you’ll be the one person he feels closest to forever.

Watch this video to learn more about your man and what you need to do to get him to love you always.

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