Make Him Want You Emotionally! Build a Deep Connection with Your Man

As women we all dream of an almost idealistic relationship with the man we adore. We envision a life filled with emotional promise, commitment and devotion. As we stroll through the day-to-day existence of our relationships we sometimes discover that the road isn’t always as smooth as we’d like. There are bound to be potholes to negotiate around and that can be done if you two share a strong and unbreakable emotional bond. Creating that connection is often viewed as a challenge. Let’s face it – men aren’t always as forthcoming and giving with their feelings as we are. You don’t have to settle though. You can make him want you emotionally. It’s not that difficult and the rewards are life changing. When a man depends on a woman for his emotional energy, she is the only woman he’ll want and in his eyes, she quickly and undeniably becomes the woman of his dreams.

Show Him You Adore Him Exactly as He Is

One major complaint that many men have about their romantic partner is that she’s constantly, subtly or not-so-subtly, trying to change him. As women, we know how incredible it is when a man accepts us just as we are. We love that, we need that and we feel undeniably loved when we find that. You need to create that very same feeling within your man if you want him to feel emotionally connected to you at the deepest level. To do that, start celebrating him for exactly who he is. Don’t make small suggestions about how he should dress, the way he acts or the career path he’s chosen to follow. If you make him feel loved and adored for who he is today, flaws and all, he’s going to see you as someone very special.

You need to remember that a normal part of the give and take of every relationship is that both individuals try and sculpt their partner into who they want them to be. If you drop all of that, and instead tell him, constantly and on a regular basis, how much you love him and each and every one of his imperfections, he’ll see you as a rare treasure.

Be Secure in Who You Are and the Relationship

Insecurity can be a deal breaker when it comes to finding and keeping an emotional connection. We view jealousy in such a different way than men do. Men don’t find it romantic when the women they’re involved with works herself into a tizzy because he talked to another female. They don’t find it enchanting when you pull him away from an old friend just because she’s a woman. In our romantic fairytale imaginings we love it when a man acts territorial because we equate that with love and adoration. Men see it as possessiveness and lack of self esteem.

Be confident in who you are and in what you bring to the relationship as a mutual equal. If he sees that you don’t bat an eyelash when he talks about a female co-worker or he senses you’re fine when he hangs out with a group of friends, that includes a few women, he’ll be more taken with you than you ever imagined.

Showing a man that you believe in him and you believe in your suitability as a perfect partner for him, is very powerful. All men secretly want a woman who knows deep within herself, that there isn’t anyone else out there whose hand and heart could fit with his quite as well.

Encourage Him to Open Up to You Emotionally

It’s crucial that you show the man you love that you can and want to be his emotional safe spot in the world. We all need one person we can rely on who won’t judge us, who will listen to us and who will comfort us when life gets tough. You have to ensure that you are that person for the man you’re with.

To do that, listen to him intently whenever he shares anything with you regarding what he’s feeling. Never discount what he feels even if it seems insignificant to you. Try to respond in a way that shows him that you value what he feels.

Work with him to overcome any emotional difficulties that he may be facing, even if it’s something that isn’t related to the two of you at all. Men love when a woman jumps into the emotional trenches with them to work out an employment issue or a problem with a friend.

By becoming his emotional safe harbor, you’ll be building a bond that will be difficult for anyone to break. Stay patient, be kind and show him that no one cares about him and his feelings more than you.

You have the power to create a life changing connection with your man. It’s all about gaining insight into what he feels, how he thinks and the things he wants and needs for you. Take a moment to watch this video that will give you a startling glimpse into the mind of the man you love. Be prepared to be surprised by what you learn!

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