How to Make Him Want You More? Ways to Appeal to His Heart

How to make him want you more is a question that many women wish they had an easy answer to. Most of us have been in at least one relationship in which we felt the balance just wasn’t there. It typically happens with the one guy you envision could be the one. You adore him, you do everything you can to show him that and yet he still seems just out of your emotional reach. It’s impossibly hard to deal with this because inevitably most women will just push harder to the point that they appear desperate. You don’t want that to happen within your relationship, do you? If you want to make your man want you more there are a few things you must do. None of them terribly difficult, but all equally important.

Here are a few tips to make him want you more:

Be genuine – always, no exceptions. You know all those dating games we’re taught to play in our teenage years? The ones focused on playing hard to get, and pretending to like the same things he does, block those from your memory now. They don’t work. Men want and need the woman they’re involved with to be genuine. He wants to see the real you – flaws and all. If you don’t like a certain genre of movies, tell him. Don’t subject yourself to having to sit through dozens of action flicks if they make your skin crawl. The same is true of your feelings, be honest. This takes us onto the next tip…

Be honest with your feelings, but don’t come on too strong. Falling in love is amazing, isn’t it? There are those moments when you just know that this guy is something special. You feel different, you feel happy and you start envisioning a life with the two of you headed down an aisle towards wedded bliss. You may see that in your imaginary crystal ball but don’t talk commitment too soon. Men really love being with a woman who lives in the moment. He doesn’t want to hear you talking about what the two of you are going to be doing a year or two from now. He wants you to love loving him this instant. Your relationship will progress if you embrace it for what it is.

Be emotionally there for him. Your guy wants to feel as though he can count on you emotionally. He wants to know that if he’s feeling down or depressed, that you’re going to be there to pick him back up. He also wants to feel as though you understand him emotionally. If you can be his shoulder to cry on and the person who brings a smile to his face, you’re going to grab a place in his heart. Men are just as emotionally vulnerable as we are and they want to feel safe with the woman they’re with. Don’t make fun of him ever in an emotional sense or discount anything he’s feeling. That will only serve to push him away and sometimes when a man feels emotionally bruised, he’ll distance himself forever from the woman who caused that.

Be fun and keep drama to a minimum. As women we tend to be victims of a great deal of drama. It’s not that we’re always searching for it but inevitably it finds us. It may be an issue with a friend, maybe jealousy poking its evil head where it doesn’t belong or perhaps it’s just a problem with a co-worker that’s been blown out of proportion. If you share every little issue with the man you’re involved with, that relationship may not last. Men want to help the women they care about solve their problems but when it’s one issue after another, they don’t find that appealing at all. He wants to be with a woman who is carefree and fun and someone who can handle her crisis on her own. Don’t bring a bunch of emotional baggage to your dates.

Remember that your guy wants you to be you. He wants you to enjoy spending time with him and he wants the genuine woman you are inside and out. Keep smiling, enjoy the experiences you two share and be there when he needs you. That’s what he wants from you most of all.

You can have the relationship of your dreams with the man you love and adore. Understanding what he wants and needs from you is the way to his heart. Learn more about how I discovered the secret to true love here.


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