How to Make a Man Love You By Becoming The Woman He Can’t Resist

If you knew the answer to the question of how to make a man love you, life would be ideal, right? Probably not but at least you’d have a better handle on your romantic destiny. I don’t have to tell you that men are a confusing bunch. I know you already know this. Just when you think you’ve got a grasp on what your guy is feeling, he’ll go and do something totally unexpected. Life would be so much more balanced and calmer if you felt secure in his devotion to you, right? I know the feeling just as well as you do. Getting a man to love you is all about becoming the only woman in the world he can’t resist. That sounds near impossible, doesn’t it? I know it does but it’s not. You can actually start on a path today that will make your man feel closer than ever to you and you can accomplish this in very subtle and easy ways.

Become a Challenge to Him

You’ve probably read loads of advice that tells you that you need to be the doting, devoted partner that your man craves. Of course it’s important that you show him that he’s the only man for you but you shouldn’t do that at the risk of your own agenda. A man isn’t nearly as attracted to a woman who blatantly throws herself at his feet as he is to a woman who makes him work for her affection. If you’re constantly right there, always available for him, he’s going to grow bored of you reasonably quickly. You have to give him a bit of a challenge. That means you must keep him on his proverbial toes. Easy ways to do this, that are VERY effective, are to not rush to answer each and every time he calls and don’t always be available. Give him some room to wonder where you are from time-to-time and make him work to get your attention. Men love this.

Speak Your Mind and Voice Your Opinions

Have you ever knowingly agreed with a man about something that you had a strong, differing opinion on? Most of us have been guilty of this occasionally and we don’t really understand the full consequences of it. Your man doesn’t want you to be a puppet that follows his lead. Men love women who intelligent, informed and opinionated. That’s not to say that he wants you to be argumentative or disagree with everything he says. He does want you to speak your mind and express how you view things. Don’t shy away from a debate with a man you love because you’re worried that he’ll suddenly lose interest in you. The opposite is more likely to happen. He’ll see the fire in your eyes and he’ll respect you more for sharing how you view the subject of hand. Never let him think that your opinion aligns with his if it doesn’t. Not only is this selling yourself short but it’s setting yourself up for potential conflict later on when he makes decisions for the two of you based on the misinformation you provided him.

Don’t Chase After a Commitment Too Soon

Falling in love is such a magical feeling, isn’t it? Women tend to fall in love a bit faster than men do. We start to see visions of wedding planners and bridal dresses before he’s even decided if he wants to date exclusively. It’s therefore incredibly important that you pace yourself when it comes to pursuing a commitment from him. If you’re thinking about how to make a man love you this is essential information to bear in mind in the early stages of your developing relationship. If you tell him that you think he “may be the one,” he may actually run for the nearest exit. The same is true if you question him about why he glanced at a pretty woman who walked by. Even though you may want him to “belong” to you, he doesn’t. He’s his own person and therefore he’s allowed to look in any direction he pleases. If you can temper all the overwhelming emotions you are experiencing and instead just enjoy his company in the moment, he’ll feel closer to you. The main reason is he won’t be feeling any type of emotional pressure from you which would put him on guard. Instead, he feels relaxed and he senses that you are too so he’ll let himself feel whatever comes naturally. You want and need for that to happen so keep all thoughts of marriage, weddings and children to yourself, for now.

It’s actually very easy for a woman to create an unbreakable emotional bond with any man she chooses. You can learn how to make a man love you and never want to leave you. If he’s the guy for you, gain the insight you need to pull him closer and make him want you endlessly.


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