He Hasn’t Said He Loves Me Yet! Why You Shouldn’t Panic

He hasn’t said he loves me yet, what should I do?” That’s one of the questions I’m frequently asked through email or on my relationship blog. It’s a problem that many women have to face. They’re deeply in love with the man they’re involved with but he won’t utter the three words they long to hear. Why is it that some men can’t wait to share their feelings while others aren’t an open book? It’s very challenging to understand especially if you’re the woman longing to hear your man tell you that he utterly adores you and can’t live without you. Does it mean he doesn’t love you if he avoids the subject altogether? Or is there a reason why he can’t bring himself to say it?

The Reasons Men Don’t Say “I Love You”

There are several notable reasons why your guy may not be willing to tell you he loves you. See if you can identify with any of these:

He’s actually not in love yet. Men don’t fall in love at the same pace we do. It takes them longer to feel that undeniable connection with a woman. Even though you may have felt the stirrings of love a few weeks after meeting him, he may still be in the infatuation stage.

He’s scared because of past difficult experiences. If your guy was in a serious relationship in the past that didn’t end well, he won’t be too quick to put himself out there again. He may have told his last girlfriend how deeply in love with her he was, and then she cheated or dumped him. Granted you’re a different person than her, but his feelings may reflect what he felt back then. If that’s the case, it’s all about showing him that you’re trustworthy and honourable.

He’s concerned you’ll want a commitment too soon. When you tell a man that you love him, you’re doing it with intention, yes? We all do. We tell our man how we feel because we want him to understand that we’re devoted to him. When a man tells a woman he loves her, it’s sometimes accompanied with concern. Some men worry that if they tell the woman they’re involved with that they love her, that she’ll be anticipating a proposal very soon. It’s obviously a big step to go from declaring your love to marriage. If he senses that you want to speed up the commitment clock, he’ll hesitate with sharing how he feels so make it crystal clear that you’re not on the fast track towards marriage.

Enjoy Today and Your Connection with Him

The biggest favour you can do for both you and your man is enjoy the relationship for what it is. If you don’t apply any emotional pressure, he’s going to be that much more willing to give you his heart. Men fall in love with women who already have full, happy and content lives. He doesn’t want to feel as though he’s the last piece to complete your life puzzle, even if you view him that way.

If you love him, and he has yet to say it, don’t share those words with him just yet. Let him set the pace and let him do it when he’s ready. Until then, embrace the connection, be the best partner you can be and relax. Sometimes love has its own timetable.

I struggled in my relationship with my man at one point and it wasn’t easy. I share more about how I strengthened our connection and made him feel incredibly connected to me here.

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