He Acts Like He Loves Me But Says He Doesn’t! What’s Really Going on With Him?

One thing that women are often puzzled by is the mixed signals their man is sending their way. Take for instance the man who acts like he loves you but says he doesn’t. What’s that old, very eloquent saying about protesting too much? We want to believe that actions speak louder than words in the case of a man who acts like he adores you, yet blatantly claims not to have fallen in love yet. So what are you to do if you’re the woman stuck dealing with this? Do you take him for his word and just assume that he’s not really all that crazy about you or do you look at his love filled actions as a reflection of what’s really going on within his heart? Personally, I think you need to focus more on what his actions are telling you.

Men are very cautious when it comes to saying “those” words. For a man, telling a woman that he’s in love is a huge step. For us, it’s typically a bit easier. We want to share it because it helps us feel more connected to our man. If he knows that we adore him, surely that will help keep him interested, right? It seems logical on the surface but love isn’t about logic, it’s about emotions. Revealing his emotions to a woman is an experience that makes a man feel incredibly vulnerable. He won’t do it unless he’s almost certain that the woman in question is going to reciprocate those feelings and care for his heart.

My best advice to any woman in this particular situation is to not focus too heavily on the actual words. Actions truly do carry a lot more weight and if he’s doing things for you that demonstrate that he adores you, that has to count for something, right? You need to look past his hesitation to verbally express his feelings and instead concentrate on all those small things he does for you.

A few great examples of actions that suggest a man does indeed love you include:

He has absolutely no interest in any other woman. This goes beyond his desire to date other women. if the man you are with doesn’t even flinch when a gorgeous woman walks past, he’s devoted to you in every way possible. I always tell women to use this as a litmus test to gauge their man’s connection to them. A man in love can’t see beyond the woman he adores.

He talks endlessly about the future.  Even though he may not say he loves you, he’s planning a future for the two of you. A man who sees a woman has his life partner, likes to get everything in place and he’ll typically talk about it non-stop. If he wants to know what type of house you envision yourself living in or how many children you’ve always dreamt of having, the man is crazy in love whether he wants to admit it or not.

His jealousy streak is unmistakable. Most men become somewhat territorial when they fall in love. They don’t want the woman they feel close to sharing her time with another man. If he gets upset when you’re talking to a fellow in the line at the bank or he asks continually if you’re seeing anyone else, he’s feeling vulnerable because he loves you. I never advise anyone to use jealousy as a tool to get a man to love them, so don’t go down this road. If he adores you, playing with his emotions is a very bad idea.

Even though he may not fess up to the fact that he loves you, allow his actions to do his talking for him. In time, he’ll let down the walls of hesitation and he’ll be telling you non-stop just how much he adores and needs you.

There are ways to move the process along faster if you’re the impatient type, like I was.  You can make a man love you and want you forever. It’s within your grasp to have the relationship of your dreams.



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