Does He Really Love You? How to Finally Know

I’m going to tell you something you probably don’t want to hear about the man you’re with.

Most men lie to the woman they’re involved with. They lie about things that seem inconsequential to them and also things that are monumental. We don’t really understand that. If you’re trying to build a foundation that will withstand the trials of the future, why lie to the person you’re with? Men are finally coming clean with the reasons they do lie and you can finally get a glimpse into the male mind like any other you’ve ever had.

I’ve blogged about Michael Fiore in the past (for good reason – this man is like a genie when it comes to relationships and making them everything you want them to be.) If you don’t know who he is, Michael is a relationship expert who has helped thousands of women just like you understand men. Michael has even had the pleasure of being on Rachael Ray’s show where he talked about romance and connection.

Michael is a man (obviously) so when he talks, we’d all do well to listen. Who better to learn about relationships from than a man since we’re all in love with a man or looking for one? Michael says that there are actually 3 main reasons why men lie to the woman they’re with. (Two of those reasons aren’t that notable and are actually quite innocent. The other reason is actually shocking.)

Is Your Man Scared of You Emotionally?

Michael says that a man will often lie to a woman because he’s scared of her!

That doesn’t mean that the man you’re with is scared of you physically. It means that that he’s scared of your emotions.

This may sound foreign to you as a woman, but emotions are actually harder for men to deal with and to recover from. Basically men struggle more with their emotions over a longer period of time than we do.

If you think about it for a moment, you’ll see just how much it makes sense. Think about how some women will burst into tears over something and then just a few minutes later, she’s got a smile on her face and whatever upset her is now in the past.

It’s very different for men. They’re actually much more fragile than we are. It’s been suggested that the difference is because of evolution. Men think in a very singular way. They’re hunters who push aside everything but what they’re hunting. The “hunting” may be anything from work, to chasing after you to watching the big game. Because of that singular way of processing things, men are much slower to get to an emotional state than we, as women, are. Consequentially, men are also much slower to get out of that emotional state once they finally reach it.

A great analogy is swimming. For us, as women, getting “emotional” is a lot like jumping off a dock into a lake. We know we’ll get wet but we also recognize that the dock is so close that we can quickly get out and dry off.

Men don’t see it the same way at all. For a man, getting “emotional” is more akin to getting pushed into the middle of the ocean and then left there alone. A man feels as though he’s treading water endlessly and there is no rescue ship or shore in sight.

It may seem as though I’ve gotten off the track of why men lie, but bear with me a bit.

How to Finally Know What He Really Feels!

Men are taught, from the time they are very young that if they tell women the truth, that we’ll get upset, and we’ll flood them with scary emotions. Those emotions which typically include crying, anger, frustration and silence push a man out into that ocean where he’ll feel stuck alone for hours and hours.

Obviously there are other reasons that men lie too and other mysteries of that men that the “guys” in your life simply never tell you about.

If you want more understanding of men, you should take a few minutes to watch this video that Michael Fiore has just released. It gives you “X Ray Vision” into the minds of men and tells you all about an astonishing new program that Michael created that answers ever question you’ve ever had about men and the way they think.

For instance, Michael explains what your man really thinks about you and why men are often so awkward with showing us how they really feel. He also goes into detail about why your guy looks at other attractive women and what he really thinks about when he’s doing that. He also touches on why men cheat and how you can steal away your man’s desire to be unfaithful just by saying a few words to him.

I know I’m not doing this justice so I invite you to watch this free video that better explains Michael’s findings.

I should tell you that Michael is very direct in his delivery of this information. He’s committed to helping women and men nurture stronger connections so he gets right to the heart of the issues. It’s so informative and helpful that I really encourage you to take just a few moments to watch the video and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

This clearly isn’t about how to trick him into loving you or what dress to wear to catch his attention. This is gritty, real and is all about how to get so deep inside his mind that you see the relationship from his vantage point. Once you do that you’ll understand him so well that you’ll be able to predict his next move, integrate yourself into his heart and make him feel deeply connected to you in a most profound way.

Take care and keep believing in yourself.

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