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I’m a wife, mother and have become the go-to girl for many women looking for relationship advice. I hope my insight helps you in your quest to find the fulfilling love you’ve been looking for with your man.

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14 Responses to “About Me”
  1. Peach Blossom says:

    Hi Guys,
    I have this huge crush on a guy,
    but he never seems to want to talk to me or even look at me.
    When I asked my friends what I could do, they told me to use
    the silent treatment, so I did. When it didn’t work, I decided to ask my best friend to see what she had to say,
    and all she did was say that I wasn’t good enough for the guy.
    And, after she said that she asked him on a date and now they’re going out. I got really angry at her,
    but I still want to be friends and get BJ to like me.
    What should I do?
    -Peach Blossom

  2. lash says:

    Okay. You must be a child Peaches! Wow! You have have “inside” issues to even still wanting to be friends with someone who whould actually tell you’you’re not good enough’. Men will ALWAYS be around. BJ will come back. They ALWAYS come back. Trust me…..

    Work on you.

  3. Molly says:

    Hello Gillian-

    Just a minute ago I came across your article on ezinearticles.com, entitled “Advice For Any Woman Still in Love With Her Ex Boyfriend”. I am a young girl going to university for the first time this year, and I broke up with my first boyfriend almost 2 months ago. We decided it was the best thing to do, since I am moving far away and also attending university far away. However, we agreed that we were still very much in love. About a month ago, his father passed away unexpectedly. I had just begun to really start to “get over him” and try to move on, but since then, I have been a wreck, sleeping with a few articles of his clothes, contacting him desperately a few times, and dreaming about him almost every night. I visit a psychiatrist regularly, and, although she is a great and helpful lady, I still feel lost. Your article’s advice was excellent, and I printed some of it out to remind myself every day to not keep contacting him. He did just lose his father, too.

    Anyways, to say the least, I really appreciated your advice. I am a Canadian too, but I live in the states. From one Canadian to another, thank you! I am now going to check out your many other articles!

    God bless,

  4. I really enjoyed reading some of your articles today. I have a website on motivation, inspiration, encouragement and all the other greater things in life that I have just started up. My goal in life is to let others know there not alone and put a smmile on ones face each day. I found your information to be very inspiring and down to earth which I really enjoy. So many people including myself at times, feel as though we are the only ones that go through these things in life and its nice to read articles and comments from others that go through the same situations. I look forward to following you and reading more of your information and sharing it with others. The article that stood out most to me today was the one titled “He Says He Isn’t Ready for a Relationship – How Long Are You Prepared to Wait?” Just yesterday I was going through that with a guy I really liked. Was nice to read your article and know I did the right thing and stood up for myself and pulled back. Since then he has totally changed his tune with me :) If something hurts and doesnt feel right its important not to just sit there and take it.
    Thank you for sharing your views and advice,

  5. angie says:

    So, I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year. How do I know if it’s real love or not?

  6. shane Mulstay says:

    I am in a bad situation. I have in a sence cheated on my wife several times in our marriage not phyicaly but through texting other woman. She tried for so long to believe in me and to love me and to stay in love with me. At first she did it for her and us then for the kids this time she has said she is out of love completly with me. I have not been a good husband and for to long have ignored the true wants and needs of my wife. I have made so many mistakes and I am deeply regretful for my actions. We have 3 beautiful kids, they are our entire world. My wife has requested a seperation to have space. She has agreed to try and work on things and to try and see if we can fix us and to see if Its possible to fall in love with me again and to trust me. I am deeply in love with my wife and I have realized just how precious she is to me and will do anything to convince her that I can change to become the man that I need to be and the man she needs and wants me to be to show her that she can be in love with me again and that she can trust me. I have decided to give my life to god and started committed myself to that and also to continue to go to theapy. I am desperate please help me I need my wife in my heart and to have her let me back into hers and to have her heart thaw for me. I am breaking inside She is the air I breath and she is litteraly sunshine to me.

  7. eleni says:

    hello , i like this guy and we were hanging out together like a friends, then after sometimes he wants to be more than a friend and i agree but then, after sometimes he told me that he is feeling fed up with everything and he told that he cares about me so much and he don’t want to hurt me ,so he told me before we go to far that we have to stop ,i was shocked at that time but i said OK then he was changed he stop calling and meeting me but after sometimes he called me and we meet and i ask him what is wrong he didn’t tell me but he keeps saying i am sorry and he told me he re grates by what he did so i told him we can be friends, so we became friends again now we talk on the phone for hours and he told me he really likes me, sometimes he wants to tell me something but then he stop i don’t no what it is but its bothering him and he really confuse me what he wants , friendship or more? he is on and off ,please what do you suggest me to do i am really confused by his action

  8. Abbey Dawson says:

    Hi, I should say this is a nice website. It’s a big help for someone like me

  9. GillianR says:

    Hi Abbey – I’m glad you enjoy it. Please ask any questions you may have and I’ll be sure to answer them as soon as I can. Have a great day, Gillian.

  10. Confused&In Love says:

    Im head over heels still in love with my first love, he has returning romantic feelings but it gets difficult( Im not proud of it but He with Someone We have been together on and off for 3 yrs now(on and off over the past 3yrs& we were both with other people & We didnt dicuss our feelings until it was too late&He married her just cuz he thought he couldnt have me) We also have walked away a number of times but always find our ways back to each other&into eachothers life!!! But he tells me how she dont do what she use to before they got married, she never has sex with him, she is very sexually closed off if she does, she makes him clean the house all by himself,(hes pretty much the maid or whipped) &I recently told him that It urks me that I would go to the end of the earth for him&open to things to make him happy but a woman just cuz she has him &She wont do what he needs/wants or even remotely give him the time of day, he says he is happy but his body language says different!!! He says he has feelings for me but supressed them for so long!! He says hes not ready to give up on her yet& if only one is working on the marriage(him) then it wont work! He thinks hes holding me back but hes not Im still dating&putting myself out there,…..When we are together we are “smoking hott” not just the sex we have but the passion, and how we can talk about anything and…..we are there for each other!! I dont know what to do, Im trying to keep my feelings seperate &so is he! Idk What to Do I want to keep the thing going but part of me dont! Dont Know What to DO!!

  11. Didem says:

    Dear gullian,
    I m so thankful to u for your articles. It helped me more than u can imagine. Im in a marriage commitment with a crossed cultured man . U changed me alot and all your advices work so well since i started to read your articles. Amazing.. Truly! He wants to spend more time with me, he cant resist not to come and see me. One night, he came only for two minute and hug me and left. That was so lovelg .
    I really apreciate your sharing your experiencd with us.
    Thanks heaps.

  12. GillianR says:

    Dear Didem – Thank you so much for your comments. I’m glad to hear that my insights have helped you. Love isn’t always easy, is it? I’m glad that you’re finding a deep and meaningful connection with a man you adore. In life and love, Gillian

  13. Morgan Tabugbo says:

    Gillian, I have read many of your articles on Ezine articles. I must confess that you have a great wisdom on love and marriage. I will want to be communicating you. my email address is morgantabu@yahoo.co.uk.

  14. GillianR says:

    Hi Morgan – I’m glad to hear from you. I really enjoy offering advice on love, marriage and relationships in general. I also love getting feedback from my readers. If you’d like to write to me privately you can reach me at gillian@makeamanloveyou.com. In life and love, Gillian

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