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How to Make Any Man Fall in Love with You

Most women know the unmistakable feeling of being head over heels crazy for a man who seems to just “like them”. It’s a common issue and for a woman who believes she’s met the man she’s destined to be with, it’s a disheartening thing. Being in love with a man who doesn’t feel the same way about you isn’t easy.

There are obviously many things you can try and do to spark his interest. Some women dress in provocative clothing. Others cook gourmet meals. If all you’re getting back in return from the man you’re crazy about is “you look great” or “thanks for that,” something needs to change.

You feel as though you’re spinning in a circle when it comes to grabbing his attention, right? Your other single friends all probably have their own jewels of advice that range from dating another man to make him jealous to giving him an ultimatum. Since most of them are also struggling in their own relationships,  listening to their suggestions may not get you the results you want.

Here’s the bare facts – if you want to get under a man’s skin – if you want become the woman he thinks about constantly –you need to learn exactly what it is men want from a woman.

If you’re not happy with the state of your current relationship or you wish a certain man would feel as strongly about you as you do about him, you need to take steps to make that happen. No one can change your current romantic situation but you.

If you love a man and want to make him your own – you need to understand what triggers the feelings of love in a man. Once you understand this, you’ll be able to draw him in – hook, line and sinker.

What Won’t Make Him Love You

Put These on Your Do-Not-Do List!

As women we’re often brought up to believe we have to be perfect to find the man of our dreams. That’s rubbish. I know because I was one of the women who would strive for perfection for years. It didn’t get me the man of my dreams. It did make me miserable though. I wasn’t being myself.

Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t be doing in an effort to make a man fall in love with you:

Cater to his every need. There’s a great chance that if you do this – cater to every whim of a man, he’s going to stick around. But it’s not because you are the woman for him, it’s because you’ll do anything he wants. NEVER cook a man dinner every night. NEVER do his laundry if you are dating. NEVER clean his apartment for him and NEVER run over to his place simply because he’s feeling frisky.

Change your appearance for him. If you wear pink lipstick and the man you are dating says he prefers red, don’t convert. If you do you are showing him that you are easily manipulated. Men like a woman with her own mind. Don’t change who you are just because there’s something about you he doesn’t automatically like.

Act like his mother. Don’t treat any man you are dating like a child. This means no calling him all the time. Don’t ask him where he’s been if you haven’t heard from him in a while and never tell him to button up his coat if it’s cold outside. He already has a mother, he doesn’t want you to be one too.

Assume he knows what you want. Men can’t read minds. Their minds also don’t operate the same way yours does. If you expect a man to know what you want from him, you’ll always be disappointed.

If you want to get a man to sit up and take notice of only you, you need to understand how to become irresistible to him.

Long Term Dating

Knowing Whether He’ll Ever Pop THE Question

As women we tend to be very patient – too patient sometimes. We’ll wait and wait for the man we are dating to first utter those three words we long to hear ‘I love you’ followed by a close second ‘let’s get married.’

The problem is that some of us wait, and wait, and wait. Months, then years pass and the most we get from our guy is the occasional ‘you’re cool’ or ‘you’re a lot of fun.’ Futures aren’t build on fun alone.

There are easy ways to tell if your relationship is headed for something more substantial or if he’s considers you his girlfriend or in some cases girl friend.

If a man is even considering a deeper commitment with a woman, he’ll do at least one of the following:

Introduce her to his family. I’ve dated men who seemed to be orphans. I’d wait patiently to meet his family, only to discover he was keeping them at arm’s length from me. Men want their parents and siblings to meet a woman they are in love with. If he’s keeping you away from them, it’s not a good sign.

He’ll keep in close touch. He may not call like clockwork but he won’t let too much time pass without hearing your voice or seeing you. When a man is really interested in a woman, he’ll also want to know what’s going on in her life – all the small, seemingly boring details will be interesting to him. An in-the-moment man will usually call and ask if you’re busy. The reason being he’s got a few minutes to fit you into his schedule and he’s in a frisky mood.

He has a savings account. If the man you are involved with is often asking you to buy him dinner, or he makes excuses about not having enough money to buy you a holiday, Valentine’s or birthday gift, he’s not thinking long term. When marriage is on a man’s mind he is saving for the future.

If you want to know how to get a man to commit to youfind out how to ensure he can’t live without you.

How to Make Him Devoted to You

Awaken His Emotional Core

Men hold onto their hearts longer, at the beginning of a relationship, than women do. I bet you can attest to that, within your own relationship. To us, as women, falling in love is very easy. We’re enthralled when we meet a man we feel an instant connection with. We want it to work because love is the one thing we all desire. It’s a constant in our dreams of a happy and fulfilling life. It adds to our spirits and gives us hope that our life is going to be enriching and rewarding.

That vision of true love isn’t the same for men. Men are much more cautious with their hearts. They take their time falling in love, they’re much more fickle and they wait a lot longer to reveal what they feel to us.

It’s hard not to get caught up in what you’re feeling. I’ve done this in some of my past relationships. I’ve been so overwhelmed with the promise of falling in love that I’ve told the man I cared for, very early in the relationship, that I envisioned a beautiful future as his wife. It caused him to pull back and in one case, he just disappeared from my life.

I’ve also made the crucial mistake of asking, or rather pleading, with my man to share what he feels. “Do you love me?” is one of those questions most women ask far too often. Men want to share what they feel, but on their own schedule, at their own pace and in their own way.

If you don’t handle a man in just the right way, you may soon discover that he’s emotionally vacant and dismissive. This hurts. It leads to resentment and inevitably a once, very promising connection slowly dies a painful emotional death.

So, is there a way to avoid all of this? Can you, as a vibrant, desirable and appealing woman make a man fall so deeply in love that he’ll never even entertain the idea of leaving you? Absolutely!

Understanding his core emotional triggers will give you the insight you need to become irresistible to any man you choose. You can learn more about that, including how to build an unbreakable emotional bond with him by watching this insightful video.

Until you truly and fully understand your man and how he thinks and feels, your relationship is not going to be as strong and loving as you want it to be. To learn what men really (and secretly) want from the women they’re involved with,watch the video. The understanding you gain is going to change your outlook on men, how you interact with your man and your love life forever.

If You’re No Longer With the Man You Love

Get Him Back and Deeper in Love with You

If you already have a man in your life that you love deeply and the relationship isn’t everything you want it to be, it can be incredibly frustrating. He might be unwilling to be exclusive or he just seems to waffle on whether he even wants to be in a relationship. Perhaps he’s told you that he needs time or space and has broken up with you.

As women we tend to think that all we need to do is share our feelings with the man in our life and he’ll react in a positive way and be drawn in. The biggest problem with this is that men don’t respond to words the same way we do. Imagine after a break up or during a conflict your boyfriend says “I’m sorry for all this, what really matters is that I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone.” I know I’d melt if I heard this. Men don’t melt when a woman says this to them, they rarely even flinch.

It’s all about actions. The things you do are what will either make him want to devote himself to you entirely or make him want to leave the relationship for good.

Find out now what you need to be doing – not saying – to get the man in your life to love you deeply now. Most women don’t realize that their actions in the days and weeks following a break up determine whether or not they’ll get that second chance they want. This is true regardless if you are with a man that you want a deeper commitment with or if you’re going through a break up and you want him back.

If your boyfriend or your ex boyfriend is the man for you –DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY! It’s guaranteed to work. Love is rare please don’t let it slip through your fingers.

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Your Weekly Tip to Help You Get the Relationship of Your Dreams

April 29, 2018 – Spring is in the air! There’s nothing more exciting than a new season and a renewed sense of confidence in your relationship. If you’ve been with your man for awhile now is the perfect time, to add a dash of spice to your connection. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to be spontaneous. Plan a date night for you two. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be something as simple as cooking his favorite dinner or picking up tickets to a movie that you know your man has been dying to see. Whatever it is, keep it fun and flirty. Men love when we go out of our way to surprise them and you can bet that it’s going to make him want to do something extra special for you in return. 


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